How to Find Balance: Time Management For Women

Time Management For Women

I hope this small list of time management tips will help you to create your own rules how you manage your time. In case you have some more ideas how to manage time efficiently, please feel free to comment below. Time is our most valuable asset. And there are thousands of books and different approaches about how to manage our time efficiently. But almost all of them are written by men…

What is the difference you will ask? If something works for men it will work for women too. Yes and no. Men write their tips based on their life point of view. Where under time management is meant time management at work? The rest time is time for rest, hobbies, and personal development. For women, it’s a little bit different. If the woman works, she also has to take care of children, cook, clean, sometimes pay bills, shops for family, wash, iron, take care of the social life of the family. Even if there are people which help, maids at house or people to take care of household or children, still these are usually tasks which are done by women. In this case seems that only complicated time management systems can save the situation.
I have been using lists with tasks written on paper or in a notebook for years. From one point, it helps a lot to free mind and just to check what else is left to do. But it was also making me frustrated, and anxious because long lists were all the time longer and longer.
I knew about internationally known Eisenhower principle of time management but never used it. I like a lot the Eisenhower paradigm, which claims that important things are seldom urgent and urgent things are seldom important.
I have downloaded the great app for the mobile phone, called My effectiveness Pro. This app is based on Eisenhower principle and helps to prioritize urgency and importance of tasks.
But I have invented my own way to use this principle and want to share tips of time management for women with all of you.

Set up your goals

Before you start planning to create a list of your goals, for a year, then for a month and for a week. Plan everything according to your goals. Become “egoistic” and before putting any tasks into your list of tasks think if it will help in achieving your goals. Ideally, don’t do tasks which are harmful to your goals. If it is impossible, just try to find a way to delegate these tasks.

How to plan your tasks using Eisenhower matrix

Do First Do Yourself

Here I write tasks which should be done personally by me, and which don’t go against my short or long-term goals. Don’t compromise in this. If you compromise you will understand that you are doing things, you are constantly busy but your goals stay for weeks or months postponed, not done and you live a life of someone else.
Here also write tasks which directly influence your income or reputation. If something should be done only by you because you will lose money or personal or professional reputation, do it yourself.

Schedule to Do Together

Here write tasks which can be done with someone’s help. For example, ask your husband to clean house together, or your sister/mother to take care of children or something else. So that you don’t have to spend that much time on important but not urgent routine tasks.


There are many things which can be easily done by other people without your interfering at all. Hire a woman to help you with house tasks twice per week and don’t interfere or delegate more to your children/spouse. If you work in a company ask your top management to share tasks with others employees. If you are private entrepreneur finds online or offline assistant freelancer to deal with routine.You don’t need to do yourself everything. Especially if the result will not change because the task was done not by you personally.

Do for Yourself

In traditional Eisenhower matrix, the last section is for tasks which you should ignore. I don’t even write these task down. I ignore them before even writing. Instead of it, I write down tasks which are directly connected to activities which help me to feel better, look better or develop personally. It can be planning time for sport or going for a walk in the park, to read a book, to deal with my hobbies, as well as beauty procedures. Ignoring tasks which don’t belong to any of three previous sections can show you where to find enough time for yourself.

Don’t write more than 5-7 tasks in each quadrant because it makes us dizzy and frustrated. First of all finish off the most important tasks from the first quadrant. The best way is to have one list for personal and business tasks, and never allow others to make you change your schedule and put priorities in another way. The result will be bad for you if the priority of tasks was not according to your goals.

Plan your week from the weekend, so that you can have many of them done within the first day of the week.
If you put deadlines for each task, it will give you clear idea how much time you can spend.
If some task is very big, just divide it into smaller tasks and do it one by one.

Ignore “time and energy vampires”

When you set up your priorities and create a list of tasks you will start to notice how many times other people around you will try to interfere with your schedule and try to put their tasks on you. Don’t allow it no matter what. Time is our main treasure. Stop doing things which are not in your sphere of interests or responsibility.
Try to avoid people which use you to listen to their complaints, to do things instead of them or just to discuss meaningless issues, relatives, and friends which try to force you to help them or other people which put on your tasks for which you don’t want to agree.