Solo Women Travel To Greece

Solo Women Travel

Duration of Solo Women Travel

If you plan your solo trip to Greece the best is to have for it at least two weeks. If you can spend more time in the country we highly recommend to stay for one month or more. Once you visit Greece, your heart will stay there forever. But two weeks is the minimum duration which will allow you to see best places in mainland and islands without worries and rush. “Siga siga” as they say in Greece, which means slowly-slowly. One month or more will allow you to explore all best places very thoroughly and start learning local lifestyle and mentality.

Safety during Solo Women Travel

Greeks like tourists a lot and greet them with an open heart, warm and with really kindhearted behavior. Still, solo women travelers should be aware of the general situation.
Greece was a very safe country for many years. Currently, the situation changed but not dramatically. High level of unemployment caused many people to become very poor or homeless, very often you can see them in public places. But they rarely are a threat for travelers. There are also many local gypsies, living in specific areas within cities or outside, which go around the city and gather different stuff thrown by locals. But they are not a threat in public places either. Just keep in mind not to go to “their areas”.

With the war in Syria, the number of refugees coming every day to islands and the mainland with boats is still very high. Some of them live in shelters for refugees which were built by local authorities and operate as closed ghetto. But still, there are many of refugees in cities. Due to the fact that their traditions for how women are supposed to dress differ a lot from these of local society, be aware not to dress very open or provocative clothes in big cities. In case you understood that men which you see or which approached you are not locals, avoid the direct eye contact, and try to go to a public place like shop or cafe. Also, we highly recommend avoiding walking alone at night.

What concerns local men, they like a lot of beautiful women. And they consider beautiful almost every woman. But usually, they behave as gentlemen. Nevertheless, still different challenging situations might occur. If you understand that simply ignoring doesn’t help, tell that your husband is coming in few minutes. Usually, men go away with such words. They know perfectly that locals will not stay and watch in such cases and they will be simply beaten up if they insist to bother someone else’s wife. So they prefer to search for easygoing women.

Last things concern the safety of your belongings – there are many burglars which go to buildings and apartments from the balcony. If you stay in first two or last levels of the building, always close windows for the evening and night. You never know if someone decides to go inside from balcony and steal your stuff. Also common recently are groups of thieves in transportation or public places.


We highly recommend to plan your trip ahead and know which transportation means you use. There are many options for traveling inside the country because almost all major touristic destinations are connected with airlines. If you prefer comfort it is the best way for you. One more way is to rent a car for islands or mainland. But keep in mind that major cities are connected with paid roads, and if you go for example from Thessaloniki to Athens, you will have to pay several times for paid roads. As well as keep in mind that major roads which connect cities and good beaches in high season are with traffic jams because locals love to spend time outside the city for weekend or holidays. So you will see many people going to the sea before weekends which is not very comfortable.

We don’t recommend using the train at all. In Greece its not that safe for solo travelling because of many gypsies going from city to city with trains. And also you may use ships to go to islands. This is safe and comfortable way too.


Although there are one million articles which places are worth to visit in Greece, we still would like to form own list of best places to go. Each place has its uniqueness and of course you may choose whichever other destinations. But these places are by far the best. If you choose all of them or only one of them for your first visit to Greece, you will fall in love with this country forever.