How To Create Unique Travelbook

How To Create Unique Travelbook

If you are traveling a lot and like to take pictures in places you have visited, don’t leave your photos stored somewhere in hundreds of folders in your PC or even worse, in USB sticks. Don’t even leave them  available onlyonline in your social media profiles. Make use of these photos and create travelbook. You will be able to keep your special memories alive.

Check these steps before starting creation of your travelbook:

1. Start from choosing the theme of your Travel book.

Do you want to have one travelbook for each country you visit or one for several countries? Well, it depends on how many photos you have and want to use and how many different items you have for your decoration.

2. Think whether you use full-size pictures taken by your photo camera or you want to print out pictures from Instagram etc.

3. Consider if you need retouching and photo edition.

Possibly some are too dark or need additional filters to look more awesome. This is easy if you know Photoshop its ideal, but even without knowing it you still can find online tools to make cool effects for your pictures. Or you can always leave them not edited. Even better to preserve the natural outlook.

4. Find additional elements you need for your design and cut them out to be ready for use.

Find local songs or sayings of local authors, or prepare the list of basic facts you consider important about places you have visited.

5. Choose main colors of your travel book.

The best would be to have three main colors you will use and two additional. You may always find great ideas in nature-inspired color palettes. They offer various combinations of colors and for sure you can see straight how your travel book will transfer the general mood, emotions or idea.

6. Choose the cover for your travel book.

It can be a DIY notebook or you can buy ready travelbook. It can also be the simple notebook with one color pages and made of cartoon sheets. Think what is better for you and your general idea.

7. Choose illustrations 

If you know how to draw or paint, you can always paint everything you consider as important on the pages. It’s great for antistress and creativity development.

Finally, connect it all to have your travelbook ready to bring you warm memories in long cold winter days, to show it to your friends and relatives, or even maybe to gift it to someone special.