Best Way to Lose Weight Fast and Forever

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

Each woman in her life faces the situation when the weight we have is not appropriate for us. If it is 2-5 kilos it’s still not so difficult to lose weight fast and without much effort. But if it is more than 10-15-20 kilos and this weight makes life difficult? In online sources, there are many diets which promise fast results with magical numbers of kilos lost, but I believe those of you who tried these diets understood that it’s not so easy to keep the weight even if you managed to lose it. I have tried out on myself various tips for weight loss, including different diets, sports, and other methods.

And I can easily tell, that only diets don’t work for long-term if you need to lose weight and keep it, especially if you have genes which make you gain weight “from the air” as I have. If you want to find out what tips and tricks worked for me, keep reading this article. It’s quite long and I will spit it into two parts. I promise you, these tips are simple, but they really work no matter what your initial weight is, and no matter what kind of physical activity you have. The more physical activity the better, But even without it, only following the rules or healthy eating and changing your lifestyle you can easily lose weight. The described tips are not part of some diet, these are tips how to change your whole lifestyle and to start living more healthy. If you believe that you will lose weight, and it will stay if you go back to your previous lifestyle, it will not happen, I have been there 🙂


When you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to think of is why you want to lose weight. We usually believe that if we lose weight, we will start loving ourselves again. The reality is a little bit different. You have to start loving yourself before your body will react and start losing weight. How to do it? Huh…this is a difficult question. There is no one advice which would fit everyone, but for starters, you have to realize that you are the one who will be with yourself until the end of life, and quality of this life directly depends on your health. Yes, it is possible to live active and happy life with extra weight, but much better is to be able to preserve your health till late years and to be active for long.
Your motivation should be based on what kind of life you want to live after you lose weight, what you want to be able to do, how you want to be seen by other people.
If you read this article, it means you are interested in getting results.
So take your notebook and write down your goal. How much you want to weight. Don’t put time frames. Instead, write down the list of 5-10-15 reasons why you want to lose weight and what will you get if you get your goal.
For example, you might write down that you want to look great in summer wearing a bikini on the beach, or be able to buy clothes whichever you like, or to be proud of yourself, or to start dating with “that awesome man”. Write down everything that comes into your mind and put the list into a place where you can easily see it. Preferably on the fridge 🙂
This will help you a lot when you will be close to breaking rules and give up. Find a photo of women which have a body that you would want to have. Put these pictures next to your motivation list. And remember, even if you broke the rules once, nothing bad happened. Just start all over again and continue your fight for a dream weight.

Lifestyle Habits

If you plan to lose weight forever, prepare your mind to accept the idea that whole your lifestyle should change. Only this way you will be able to lose and keep your weight. Believe me, I have been there. I lost 20 kilos and because I went back to my old lifestyle I got it all back within a year. Terrible situation, because no clothes were good anymore, and I was at the same point where I started. But the worst thing is that first few week you believe ah nothing will happen if I break my rules one time, then you believe, ah this few kilos will go easy and continue breaking rules, because you lost so much already, so nothing will happen it will go. But in the end, you understand that you changed your habits, and it’s not so easy to stop again. So, the main thing is to realize that first thing is to change your habits. Believe me, if you have decided it will not be so difficult. Scientists have proved that its enough 21 days for a new habit to form and your body to accept it easily. But the easiest way to make such changes is to work on changing one or two habits per each 21 days. Otherwise might be that your brain will protest and you will give up earlier. The main task is to put short-term goal for this 21 day period – to last at least one day each day. And to promise to yourself reward for each 21 day period without breaks. It can be whatever, new lipstick, going out to see a nice movie, whatever what will help you to keep yourself motivated until your body and mind gets used to your new habits.
You may start from easy things to make them your habits, for example not to eat after 6 for 21 days, or not to eat bread after 12. List of which exactly habits you need to have in order to lose weight without much effort and without torturing yourself you will find in next paragraph.

Eating habits

Here I will mention basic rules I have found out in different sources and which worked very good for me. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you don’t have to starve, to keep a diet or to “die” in the gym in order to lose weight. And hide your scales. You don’t have to monitor changes every day. If you follow all the rules which I mention here, you will need scales maximum twice per month. Just to write down the results after about 2 weeks of efforts. My average result is minus 150-250 grams per day. 1-1.5 kilos per week. But if you multiply this 1.5*4 it is about 6 kilos per month or minus 10-12 per two months. Not bad, isn’t it? Just don’t run to scales every day. Your body might lose weight in a different tempo. Just relax and follow rules. One more important thing, you don’t have to count calories. You may eat portions as big as you need. The whole secret in weight loss which worked for me is eating specific products at specific time frames. In morning your body operates differently from the evening. So make for yourself time frames. If you get up at 6, you may eat twice before 12 o’clock. Every three hours. And till that time body burns everything extremely fast. You may eat whatever you like, including chocolate, sugar, and bread. There are no limitations because everything you ate will be simply burned. After 12 you have to be careful already with what you eat. Don’t eat bread, mayonnaise, butter or margarine, sweets, don’t fry anything, either boil or use the oven, don’t use drinks with sugar, juices, canned drinks, junk food. Better if you will eat boiled rice with white meat or fish or potatoes/macaroni with salad and eggs. Don’t eat macaroni and potatoes with meat. It will stop you from losing weight. Don’t eat fast food, junk food. You may use olive oil in salads, but not much. Better if you drink water or tea without sugar. You need to have your lunch before 14. In the evening you may eat vegetables, citrus fruits, apples, plain Greek yogurt, boiled chicken meat, salads without sauce, boiled eggs, crisps. Try not to mix these types.
The most important thing is not to eat after 18 in evening. Try to make these simple rules your everyday habits. If you work and have no stable times for food, buy lunchboxes and prepare food for the whole day. If you eat out, choose boiled or grilled dishes and don’t mix meat with anything except rice.

If you are used to eating at 21-23 for years, of course, you will not be able to stop eating after 18. But this is where you need to fool your mind slowly. Just start moving the time of your last meal every few days for 15-30 minutes earlier. Try to spend 21 days on creating a habit to eat 2 hours earlier than your usual time. If you manage, reward yourself. And set a new goal. Continue until you can eat at 18 and not feel that you are going to die if you don’t eat at 21.
Ideally is to spend some time for this, because even if you force yourself to stop eating after 18, your brain will find a way to make you go back to your habits. So force it slowly.