Wedding In Greece – 8 Things I Wish I Knew

wedding in greece

The wedding day is a landmark in the life of any person. But girls dream of this day from early childhood, imagining how perfect it will be and feel. If you want a miraculous party, consider wedding in Greece as your destination to make your dreams come true. Greece has more than 2000 islands, each of them with unique landscapes, turquoise blue waters, sunny weather almost the whole year, Mediterranean climate, tasty healthy food, and plenty of places to host the wedding ceremony with fabulous views.

Why To Choose Destination Wedding in Greece?

Having a destination wedding is both memorable and adventurous, thus it needs good planning. The first thing you need to decide is where to celebrate your special day. Is it mainland or islands, is it city, such as Athens, Thessaloniki or some village in Chalkidiki or Peloponnese. Is it open space in some beach or castle, or you want to choose a hotel with open terrasse and restaurant. In Greece, you can find everything. Mountains, sea, beaches. Choose which is best for your couple, most convenient for guests and which will be in memory for whole life.

But what you should have in mind is to start arranging your ceremony long before you want to have it. Not only because Greece is a dream destination for couples from the whole world, and locals too, but because of the different attitude to time in Mediterranean countries. In Greece everything goes slower, things are done longer, and in order to save your nerves start planning and booking in advance.

What to consider before wedding in Greece

If you already decided that wedding in Greece is what you want for sure, consider who to choose as your wedding planner. Of course you can take care of everything alone, but believe me, it will cost a lot more in the end. And you wouldn’t want to think of every small detail on such an important day. So let the professionals do it for you.
The most important task is to decide who to choose as your greek wedding planner. Should it be an agency or individual professional planner? If you type into google wedding planner in Greece, you will see an enormous amount of results. How to choose the best one and not to spend a huge amount of time. I would strongly recommend choosing first destination you want and then to search for wedding planner which is specialized in chosen destination.

1. Consider if you can accept offered in advance packages or you want flexibility. If you can accept packages you may consider choosing company. If you want unique style and flexibility, choose individual wedding planner.
2. Select list of those whose websites you liked at first glance, whose websites look professional and give as much as possible information about services which are offered.
3. Check if they are present in social media, like Facebook and Youtube. Read what other people say about an experience they had with the specific planner.
4. Check portfolio and reviews on the website.
5. Check if they have physical address and stable contact details (stable phone line)
6. Contact several to get offers and discuss what can be offered.
7. Pay attention that wedding planner is enthusiastic, has many real positive reviews and communicates with a friendly manner, giving as much as possible information, and is a good listener.
8. Make sure all legalities and paperwork will be done by the wedding planner.

The best option is to find local wedding planner with fluent greek and English, very good knowledge of an area, has many connections among photographers, makeup stylists, musicians, etc. But most important, which has in portfolio place for the ceremony which corresponds to what you have been dreaming of.

Before you contact the wedding planner it would worth to decide and answer to yourselves how many people will be invited, is the accommodation for you and for guests needed, what kind of wedding you want civil or church or just symbolic ceremony, should the celebration be inside or outdoors, etc.

How to make the final decision

Select three best options you found before based on the checklist provided and think with who you feel most comfortable and trust most of all.

Many people believe that wedding planner is costly and they can plan the wed themselves. It’s not true, in the foreign country, it’s very difficult and overwhelming task.
Wedding planners will manage to get for you better prices for accommodations, all wedding related services, stick to your budget, offer ideas of which you even wouldn’t think, manage whole ceremony and its schedule, and communicate with locals more efficiently.

Even if you are extremely happy and expect only best things to happen when you go out of doors of the airport in Greece, be very careful with your bag where you store money, credit cards, and documents. There were reported several cases when couples came to celebrate the wedding and after the ceremony, they found out that their bag with most important things disappeared from the rented apartment. So better keep all documents and money with you or find a trusted relative and give it to them while you are getting married. Believe me, it’s easier than to be left in the foreign country without documents, money, phones or other personal things.

And One More Important Thing…

Before you consider Greece as the wedding destination, check with your wedding planner and local authorities which documents you will need and how long it will take to issue them, as well as if this marriage will be recognized in your country. Although marriages in Greece are legally recognized, it would be good to be ready. Greece is very bureaucratic country and very often none of the public employees know what to do in some specific situations. Double check everything that concerns documents, it will save a lot of time and nerves.