5 Books Every Woman Should Read

Books Every Woman Should Read

Here is a small list of books I have read and absolutely fall in love with. I recommend it and hope they will be same useful and life-changing as they were for me. Here is list of books every woman should read:

“Fascinating womanhood”

Category: Relationships
Author: Helen Andelin

The book originally is written for married women, but I have read it before marriage and can tell that it is very good, though single women will find for themselves a lot of useful things. The book teaches how important woman’s role in the family is and how the woman can build healthy and strong relationships with her husband. There are few things with which I don’t agree, but I believe each of you will find own things to agree or disagree, but the general influence of the mentioned points in this book will for sure help you to improve your relationships with husband.
I have read this book at least three times and every time find something I didn’t notice from first time or some things I see from another point of view. Just read it and try. I can promise your marriage will become much better and happier.

“Rich woman”

Category: Finance
Author: Kim Kiyosaki

The simple way to explain to all women how important is to be financially independent in any age as well as financially educated. Kim and her husband Robert believe in the power of financial freedom. This book helped me to overview my attitude to the way I live, spend money and save. It helps to think very carefully if you will survive if suddenly your source of income disappears or if you face illness, job loss, or other problems in your life of your family life.
It helps to overview your life in terms of being free or being the slave of others.
This book shows the way to set you free. It’s all about managing money, investing and basic financial understanding. It will not teach you techniques but will show the way to financial freedom.

“Be a loser!”

Category: Fit body
Author: Greer Childers

Greer has developed a great system which allows women to lose weight by doing simple exercises only 15 minutes per day. And yes, if you ask if it can work, I tried it out on myself. It helps to loose weight even from problematic zones, to lift skin, and to change how you look in general. She believes it’s not about weight only, but about how good is the shape of the body. It is an approach based on a combination of aerobic breathing, stretching and isometric/isotonic exercises. You will see great results if you try it out.

“Jumpstart Your Metabolism: With the Power of Breath”

Category:Energy and weight loss
Author: Pam Grout

If someone ever told me earlier how important the oxygen in the process of burning off extra weight is I would really pay for this advice big money. The book of Pam is absolutely great. It provides simple breathing exercises which help to lose weight without even physical exercises, not to tell without dieting. And yes, I tried it on myself either. And on several friends of mine. I promise you it really works. Just try. You will easily boost your energy level and loose fat without much effort.

“First steps to wealth”

Category:Life Changing
Author:Dani Johnson

Exceptionally motivating and inspiring book from the woman who managed to get out of poverty and become a millionaire.
Tips for life, relationships, money, and success from the successful entrepreneur, happy wife, and caring mother.
I read it within one day and recommend it to all of you who wants to find some ready life solutions how to improve your life.

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